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We study a range of questions at the intersection of ecology and evolution, embracing both basic and applied systems. Much of our research is focused on understanding the causes, consequences, and dynamics of biological invasions, especially the effects of species interactions (e.g. herbivory, disease, pollination, and microbial mutualisms) on plant invasions. We work in both temperate and tropical ecosystems. For more information about the research we do, go to the RESEARCH page and also check out what current undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs in our lab are doing on our PARKER LAB PEOPLE page. To contact us, go to the CONTACT US page.


NEWS from the Parker Lab

Prospective graduate students: Sorry, we will NOT be accepting new students for 2019-2020. Good luck with your search, and check back again if you are still looking next year. Go to the PROSPECTIVE GRADS page for more information.