and where they are now…

Dr. Carla Fresquez
PhD 2014
Ecotone dynamics and structure: Identifying the biotic and abiotic processes that determine the boundaries and composition of the high marsh-upland ecotone.Now a Research Associate at the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center at California State University, Monterey Bay (link here)
DSC01473Dr. Justin Cummings
PhD 2013
Above- and below-ground factors mediating the suppression of an invasive grass in tropical reforestation.Now a Postdoc at Florida International University, Coastal Everglades LTER (link here)
shapeimage_1Dr. Megan Saunders
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2012-2014
Exploring the evolutionary ecology of fungal endophytes: using functional traits to reveal mechanisms in community processes.Now a professional singer-songwriter in Chattanooga, TN–check our her music at Reverbnation (link here)!
Ama...polasDr. Cristina Fernández Aragón
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2012-14
Evolution of life history in invasive plants.Now an Investigatora Juan de la Cierva, Universidad de Alcalá (link here)
Dr. Noelia González Muñoz

Visiting scholar
Functional traits and the ecosystem impacts of invasive species.
PhD, Universidad de Alcalá, Spain

Now a Postdoctoral Fellow at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research -Biodiversité, Gènes et Communautés (BioGeCo). Bordeaux.

SarahDr. Sarah Swope
PhD 2008
Multispecies interactions and demography of the invasive thistle Centaurea solstitialis in California.Now a faculty member at Mills College
(link here)
katrinaDr. Katrina Dlugosch

PhD 2006, Postdoctoral Fellow 2007-2008
Genetics of colonization in Hypericum canaries.
Postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia

Now a faculty member at the University of Arizona (link here)
Science you can use:
Visit this website to learn about the invader exotic plant, Canary-Islands Hypericum

EduardoDr. Eduardo Cuevas

UC Mexxus Postdoctoral Fellow, 2006-2007
Evolution of mating systems.
Now a faculty member at Universidad Tecnológica de Morelia.
(link here)

IMG_3222_2Dr. Andrea Jani
PhD student, 2004-2006
Ecology of infectious disease
Completed her PhD with Cherie Briggs at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
(link here)
beck-filteredDr. Rebecca Kao

PhD 2006
The coexistence of polyploids in Arnica cordifolia (Asteraceae)
PRIME Postdoctoral fellow at Colorado State University
Now Manager of Conservation Programs, Denver Botanic Garden.
(link here)

cynDr. Cynthia Hays

PhD 2006
Ecological consequences of dispersal and gene flow in an intertidal alga
Bodega Marine Lab Postdoctoral fellow
Postdoctoral fellow, University of California, Davis and University of California, Merced
Now a faculty member at Keene State College.
(link here)

will_chucho-filteredDr. Will Satterthwaite

PhD 2004
Dispersal in space and time and its importance to plant population dynamics
Postdoctoral fellow, NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Service
Now a Staff Biologist with the Fisheries Ecology Division (Salmon Assessment Team) at NOAA-NMFS.
(link here)

DSCN0062Dr. Julie Beckstead

USDA Postdoctoral Fellow, 2000-2002
The effect of below-ground pathogens on invasion of Ammophila arenariaNow a faculty member at Gonzaga University.
(link here)

From the Archives! Lab meeting in our old lab in Earth and Marine Sciences: Krikor Andonian, Katrina Dlugosch, Andrea Jani, Eric Danner, Becky Hufft, Sarah Swope, and Emeritus Professor Jean Langenheim.